Research Paper Report

Speed Breaker Detection and Mapping using IoT

Date of Submission
24th Jan 2022

General Information:

Year Of Paper Submission : 2020-21
Type of Applicant : Student
Selected Course : UG
Department of Applicant : ETRX
Class of Applicant : B.E.

Applicants Details:

UCID of Applicant : 2017110046
Applicant Name : Rahul Ramakrishnan
Applicant Email :
Applicant Contact Number : 9620000000.000000
UCID of Applicant No. 2 : 2020000000.000000
Applicant No. 2 Name : Ayusha Pendse
Applicant No. 2 Email :
Applicant No. 2 Contact Number : 9.17E+09
UCID of Applicant No. 3 : 2.02E+09
Applicant No. 3 Name : Chetna Sharma
Applicant No. 3 Email :
Applicant No. 3 Contact Number : 8.11E+09

Guide Details:

Department of Guide No. 1 : Electronics Engineering
Name of First Guide : Prof. Priya Deshpande

Paper Details:

Title of Paper : Speed Breaker Detection and Mapping using IoT
Type of Paper : Conference
Type of Publication : International
Conference_Type : IEEE
Name of the Hosting Institute of the Conference : Francis Xavier Engineering College, Tirunelveli, India
ISBN : Electronic ISBN:978-1-7281-5821-1 DVD ISBN:978-1-7
DOI : 10.1109/ICSSIT48917.2020.9214224
Citation of Journal : R. Ramakrishnan, A. Pendse, C. Sharma and P. Chimurkar, "Speed Breaker Detection and Mapping using IoT," 2020 Third International Conference on Smart Systems and Inventive Technology (ICSSIT), Tirunel
Remark : Speed Breaker Detection and Mapping using IoT.pdf

Document Uploaded :

Status Of Application : verified